f Roswell Alien Club

You are in charge of your unique NFT character.
Holders get 50% of secondary sales & ETH
from our merchandise & content deals.

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Unique Hand Drawn NFTs

Randomly Generated by AI

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What is the
Roswell Alien Club?

RAC is a community of 11,111 randomly generated aliens that were hand drawn by contemporary artist Rafael Scasserra. "We are bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world."

Owning one of our aliens will grant you a lifetime of fellowship filled with perks! NFT holders get 50% of secondary sales, earn ETH from our merchandising and content deals, bespoke merchandise and access to incredible events and experiences.



    The roadmap will be refreshed regularly. We want to be inclusive when it comes to our fellowship members. Including our community through communication will drive the growth of our brand. Exceptional ideas will be rewarded with Bespoke merch and DNA boosters for the next alien race drop.

  1. Mint Cosmic Charlie in July

  2. Create holder fund to share 50% of the secondary sales with holders

  3. Exclusive merch for holders with brand collabs

  4. Develop merchandising & content deals with profit share for holders

  5. Release 3D NFT boosters & new RAC characters
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Roswell Alien Club Founders

Mark and Rafael teamed up 2 years ago during lockdown. Mark is an Enterprise Technology Consultant specialized in AI, fraud systems, computer vision and infrastructure. Rafael is a Contemporary Artist and experienced fashion entrepreneur and they both share a deep love of art. In early 2019 they started "The Modern Art Cartel". This was a dream that came to life when they teamed up with several Canadian artists. It's a group of artists creating and transforming custom spaces.

The overwhelming success of the cartel led to a platinum art partnerships with HGTV and many other media features. They're work has been featured in galleries all over the world.

Rafael, "We are creating a marriage between my contemporary art and the digital world, Mark has been critical in transitioning my art to the NFT space. His team of experts have delivered the technology for a safe and fair mint, they will also drive our future roadmap". Last year Mark & Rafael partnered with Jonny and Giovanna to round out our executive team.


The Motivator


The Creative Genius


The Commander


The Connector

Media Love

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Our community is engaging and we want to hear you and your ideas. We want to build lifelong fellowships and share common interests. We also want to give back. With ongoing drops. Mech, NFT's, parties & love for finding life beyond earth!

We will have a share page. Please share your real life vids of suspected UFO's! Best one will be rewarded !

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